Custom Hose Assembly

Custom Hose Assembly


Here at Scott's Auto Repair, LLC, we offer a wide range of fittings for your custom hose assembly. With that, you can order a hose with two 90° fittings, one 90° and one 45° and a few other combinations. When ordering a hose with angled fittings, please refer to the below chart to instruct us on how to assembly the hoses. Please note that while many hose ends are considered "swivel" fittings, this swivel is just for installation and a 90° hose fitting will not rotate once we crimp it.

Not sure what hose or fittings you need?

We are glad to help! You can mail in your hoses for our technical staff to measure, review and determine the correct fittings. We will then assemble new hoses and ship them back to you! If your interested in this, please give us a call, or chat live with our helpful team to learn more!

Understanding Hose Routing and Installation

It is critical when working with hydraulic hoses that care is given to the layout and design of the hose installation so that you do not exceed any manufacturer recommendations, and to ensure safe and reliable operation of your equipment.

The first major component is allowing for slack in a hose assembly. Under pressure, hoses can stretch and shrink. If a hose is twisted during installation, it can cause the fittings to loosen as the hose under pressure will want to straighten.

Allow for flex in hoses that are subject to movement with equipment, and use braces where needed to keep the hose from becoming tangled. Use Adapters! Don't be afraid to use a straight hose end and a 90° or 45° adapter to create the end result to keep hoses simple.

Hose placement near an exhaust or manifold must use care. Use heat resistant sleeving or brackets to route the hose out of harms way. Where a hose bends, ensure you are within the minimum bend radius of the hose selected. Too tight a bend may kink the hose.